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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Sven Luther wrote:
> > > Yep, from a monetary point of view, but in reality all that space behind
> > > it was unused, thus free. This is a bit the same argument as the music
> > > industry is claiming about pirated music, come to think of it :)
> > 
> > The problem is that as soon as it is officially used, it is officially
> > used and has to be paid extra, by LinuxTag e.V., receiver of the large
> > bill.
> Well, the idea being that whoever LinuxTag e.V. is paying it could be
> asked to sponsor the empty place.

We've already asked them for sponsored space and furniture.  We've
already got all we could.  It was difficult and we need to negotiate
again each year.

Why should they sponsor that part as well?  They don't get any
benefit from it.



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