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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Sven Luther wrote:
> > >> > IMHO any solution, which is forcing people to leave, is a bad
> > >> > solution. If it's crowded, it's crowded. And maybe the booth to small.
> > >> Trying to get more (booth) space out of Joey is a hard task. :)
> > > Well, there was all this unused space behind the booth, which we already
> > > used as hacking space anyway, so if there had been an opening at the
> > > back of the booth and some further 'walls' and table and chair stuff,
> > > this would have been enough for this.
> > 
> > You know that every little qm costs money?
> > Find a sponsor that gives us "some" money and we can do this.
> > Joey can tell you more about the qm price he has for the Projects Part,
> > but I dont think its cheap.
> Yep, from a monetary point of view, but in reality all that space behind
> it was unused, thus free. This is a bit the same argument as the music
> industry is claiming about pirated music, come to think of it :)

The problem is that as soon as it is officially used, it is officially
used and has to be paid extra, by LinuxTag e.V., receiver of the large



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