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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Axel Beckert <abe@deuxchevaux.org> writes:

> IMHO any solution, which is forcing people to leave, is a bad
> solution. If it's crowded, it's crowded. And maybe the booth to small.

Trying to get more (booth) space out of Joey is a hard task. :)

> Better solution: Get some female booth stuff next year. Best would be
> some female booth staff, who is used to be stared at. ;-) That should
> help to distract from female visitors. ;-) Although: Do Debian Swirl
> costumes look as sexy as BSD Daemon costumes? :-)

If you give them ONLY a Swirl to wear it MUST be better...

> But seriously: IMHO some female booth staff wouldn't be a bad idea. (I
> apologize, if there was some, I didn't notice any during my visits at
> the Debian booth...)

Looking at the female rate in the project this isnt easy.
New requirement for booth staff: You need to have a girlfriend AND you
need to bring it to the booth? :)

> A back area where the tables which are seperating front and back area
> have table cloths down to the floor can hide a lot of chaos. Even on a
> smaller booth long table clothing can hide backpacks (err, let's
> better say daypacks) under the tables.

Not if there is much other stuff already placed under the tables. :)

> One more point: Maybe there were just not enough of them, but when I
> bought two Debian posters, there were no rubber band to fix them for
> transport. We had to use a A4 Debian flyer and Scotch tape (German:
> Tesa, Tixo, etc.) to fix them without destroying them...

Yes, we forgot them.

> And another point, regarding merchandising: When will the "Why Mike
> likes Debian" poster be available for selling? :-) I guess, this could
> be the most wanted Debian poster. Anyone knows about the copyright
> issues on that poster? (Joey?)

Yes, many people asked for it. :)

bye Joerg
"[...] und der Arbeitsspeicher recht schnell und hoch ist."
(Wie hoch? 2cm, 4cm? Am besten an die Decke nageln, was?

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