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Re: Cover proposals (was: Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff)

Lennart Droste wrote:
> Zitat von Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org>:
> > It would be a good idea to skim over the mails we exchanged wrt this
> > issue last year as well.
> I've just signed up to this mailinglist so therefore I don't know about the
> solution you found last year. Maybe someone could point me to the result that
> you've archieved last time so I might have a glimpse impression of what it
> might look like.

Take a look here:

and look at this tarball:

> > The CD cover needs to contain several "strings" in order not to
> > confuse people too much, such as
> > 
> >  . LinuxTag 2004 special edition
> >  . i386 architecture (or i386 + powerpc if it'll contain both)
> >  . 3.0 woody (or sarge)
> > 
> > And there also needs to be room for sponsor logos
> > 
> > I also have the feeling that the black background is a bit too dark.
> I got an email from Christian Weerts who - as far as I know - did the layout
> the
> last time. His idea of the cover-artwork is quite fine I think. As I've just
> been to Karstadt I had a look at the new music-album from the band named "D12".
> I like their cover-artwork and maybe it might be a good pattern for the Debian
> Linuxtag edition.

Don`t use any Artwork you don`t have license for! Maybe you`ll ask the

> Taking the idea of a wireframed hand by Christian, I would generate a black
> background with a gray wireframed hand. This hand then holds the planet earth -
> merely the planet lays inside the hand - and the fingers of the hand grab
> nearly inside the planet. The picture of the world could be toned down to black
> and white and the Debian swirl in his red could be painted across it. 

Ok, here is my idea I`ve had as Joerg pointed me to some Graphics. My
intention was to take this [1] hand mirroring it so there is a pair of
Hands and place the following things on them. On the left I would put
the Swirl and on the right hand I would put some Sign for Freedom (maybe
a Dove). Above the two hands should be place for a slogan like this:
	"Remember, all you get is real free..."

[1] http://ic.ucsc.edu/~legnitto/images/graphic/tux.jpg


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 (J. W. von Goethe, dt. Dichter, 1749-1832) 

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