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Cover proposals (was: Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff)

Adjusting the subject in order to get attention :)

Lennart Droste wrote:
> I'm slowly reading through the mails concerning this topic and I went ahead and
> did a first remake of the Wappen-Logo. The second version now is without the
> text "Linuxtag 2004" so the logo itself is more timeless and not only dedicated
> to the Linuxtag 2004. I will keep on doing some versions as soon as I've read
> all replies.

It would be a good idea to skim over the mails we exchanged wrt this
issue last year as well.

The CD cover needs to contain several "strings" in order not to
confuse people too much, such as

 . LinuxTag 2004 special edition
 . i386 architecture (or i386 + powerpc if it'll contain both)
 . 3.0 woody (or sarge)

And there also needs to be room for sponsor logos

I also have the feeling that the black background is a bit too dark.



The MS-DOS filesystem is nice for removable media.  -- H. Peter Anvin

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