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Re: Cover proposals (was: Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff)

Zitat von Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org>:

> It would be a good idea to skim over the mails we exchanged wrt this
> issue last year as well.

I've just signed up to this mailinglist so therefore I don't know about the
solution you found last year. Maybe someone could point me to the result that
you've archieved last time so I might have a glimpse impression of what it
might look like.

> The CD cover needs to contain several "strings" in order not to
> confuse people too much, such as
>  . LinuxTag 2004 special edition
>  . i386 architecture (or i386 + powerpc if it'll contain both)
>  . 3.0 woody (or sarge)
> And there also needs to be room for sponsor logos
> I also have the feeling that the black background is a bit too dark.

I got an email from Christian Weerts who - as far as I know - did the layout
last time. His idea of the cover-artwork is quite fine I think. As I've just
been to Karstadt I had a look at the new music-album from the band named "D12".
I like their cover-artwork and maybe it might be a good pattern for the Debian
Linuxtag edition.

Taking the idea of a wireframed hand by Christian, I would generate a black
background with a gray wireframed hand. This hand then holds the planet earth -
merely the planet lays inside the hand - and the fingers of the hand grab
nearly inside the planet. The picture of the world could be toned down to black
and white and the Debian swirl in his red could be painted across it. 

Why would I choose a black background for the front-covers? Simply because it
draws attention to the cd. Having the black background with the gray wireframed
hand and the b/w-earth, the red swirl calls for attention. Joerg also mentioned
some points to me on irc that the black background would be a good relation to
several sad topics like "software patents", "sco vs. linux" and that "yast
became gpl". So I think this makes some sense.

I haven't thought so much of the backside-cover as I don't know what should be
on it. Personally I would place the sponsor logos on the bottom of the cover
maybe divided from the text by a hairthin line. The top should be labeled with
the "Debian LinuxTag 2004 Edition" and the system/architecture info. Maybe
followed by a short installation guide - but I don't know how far that is
needed. I'm a mac user so I don't have so much clue about this - for me
applications are simply supposed to work instantly :)

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