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Re: Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff

On Mon, 10 May 2004, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> 2.) Metal Name Badges.
>     http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2004/04/msg00089.html
>     Ok, looks like two of them got the same amount of votes, so I
>     choose the 31-6101 (www.quickbutton.de -> classic) ones. On the
OK.  It seems we have also to decide about the font.  I think a sans serife
font is the right choice her and the "Futura" one seems to be good visible.

>     http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2004/staff.php3 we
>     have 27 Members in the Debian Project for this event at the
>     moment. If you are missing from the list or if you dont want to do
>     work on the booth - speak up now please.
I think we should also add the nick name / sub-project addition of the
tag to this table - just to have a reference ...
(Add "Debian-Med" to "Andreas Tille" in a further column for instance.)

> 5.) Boothwear.
>     http://ganneff.de/shirt/
>     I prefer the debian_wappen_logo.pdf but what do you think?
>     Or submit better ones if you want. :)
I like the simple JPG one.  Your choice looks better but I would not like
it to stick the T-Shirt to a special event because it makes it hardly
reusable for other events.

> 6.) Booth plan / Subprojects
>     1 i386 with a 15" TFT from the Adamantix People, together with 2
>       Laptops. I dont think we count space for any Laptops, just for
>       things that are static.
I have no own desktop for the Debian-Med project except my Laptop.  So
if anybody is able to provide a normal desktop system this would be nice
(even if not really necessary because I could go with my Laptop but this
will be missing if I leave the booth for a talk ...

>     No, SkoleLinux hasnt mailed me anything, so i think they dont need
>     any space.
They finaly announced at Debian-Edu list that they will have a separate
classroom installation (which is great IMHO).  To sad they failed to
communicate this to this list ...

Kind regards


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