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Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff


Some different things to update, and I dont want to write a single mail
for each.

1.) Linuxtag CD/DVD.
    The first thing is: Should I built CDs or DVDs? I got the same
    amount of "I prefer CD" and "I prefer DVD" until now. DVD has the
    advantage of the big space (4 or 9Gb, depends on what i choose), CD
    is much more used. Well, i think so, maybe DVD are at the same rate

    Second: It will be built with debian-installer and sarge. We
    thought about dual-booting for i386 and powerpc, but to my
    knowledge this isnt possible. So i386 only, or you tell me how to
    do it. :)

    Third: I asked Christian Weerts again if he can do the Graphic
    Stuff for the Cover again, but it looks like he hasnt enough time.
    So I need another one doing the stuff.

2.) Metal Name Badges.
    Ok, looks like two of them got the same amount of votes, so I
    choose the 31-6101 (www.quickbutton.de -> classic) ones. On the
    left a Swirl with the "debian" below, on the right the Name and in
    the next line a bit smaller the IRC-Nick (or subproject-name).
    Ah, if you know another Shop doing this things and if they have
    better prices - mail me. I did a (not too long) search in google
    and this was the best i found. Others are more expensive.
    For that I need the number of people doing work for the
    booth. Looking at
    http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2004/staff.php3 we
    have 27 Members in the Debian Project for this event at the
    moment. If you are missing from the list or if you dont want to do
    work on the booth - speak up now please.

3.) Booth plan, time, shifts.
    We should do it like last year and make a schedule for the people
    manning the booth. At least 2 should always be there, plus the
    people for the sub-projects we have. That shouldnt be a strict
    thing, as last year, only if the booth is crowded then the people
    not "on shift" should leave.
    I need one that makes the plan for this shift. Its not much work:
    After the Linuxtag publishes its schedule everyone can look what
    talks he wants to listen and everyone knows when he will be
    there. Thats the data that needs to be gathered and assembled into
    the plan. This ends just one day before the LT starts, everyone
    should know then what he wants and what not.

4.) Travel Costs.
    There is still a bit of money left. So read that mail and send me
    the info i want, if you want. I sent out the infos to the people
    getting money this weekend, so you have about 5 days left for this.

5.) Boothwear.
    Found something, its affordable. Everyone gets the size he wants,
    if I produce more than 50 Shirts I can choose this freely and Im
    really sure that I get above 50. :)
    Now you need to decide how exactly it should look like. Poloshirt
    is already decided, black. And i think we put the Logo on the
    pocket of the shirt, now we only need some logo. 
    Here are 3 pictures I got from a friend (2 are pdf, one is jpg):
    I prefer the debian_wappen_logo.pdf but what do you think?
    Or submit better ones if you want. :)

6.) Booth plan / Subprojects
    I dont know exactly how big our booth will be, but as Joey needs
    some info to not cut some space, lets list what I think will be on
    the booth:
    1 PC and a beamer, painting something on one of our walls,
    2 PCs to show a single person something, with TFT,
    1 Server somewhere below the tables. It has a COMPLETE Debian
      mirror, just in case you think about bringing your own, not
      needed. Also the backports.org is mirrored and OOo for woody.
    1 i386 with a 15" TFT from the Adamantix People, together with 2
      Laptops. I dont think we count space for any Laptops, just for
      things that are static.

    Ok, thats where Im sure that the people bring the Hardware to the

    In addition to this hardware stuff we need place for - posters of
    Debian, a Table where we sell T-Shirts, Cups and other stuff, place
    for our Flyers and CDs.
    And Place for the following subprojects:
    Adamantix, FAI (brings an A0 Poster. I cant remember if he wanted to
    bring the Hardware himself he needs or if he needs it. I think it
    was the latter, Thomas?), Debian-med/edu/...
    No, SkoleLinux hasnt mailed me anything, so i think they dont need
    any space.

7.) Debian Day
    Everything for this goes to Alexander Schmehl. :)
bye Joerg
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