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Re: Cover proposals (was: Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff)

Lennart Droste wrote:
> > It would be a good idea to skim over the mails we exchanged wrt this
> > issue last year as well.
> I've just signed up to this mailinglist so therefore I don't know about the
> solution you found last year. Maybe someone could point me to the result that
> you've archieved last time so I might have a glimpse impression of what it
> might look like.

That's why I told you.  But since you didn't work on the CD cover
anyway, you can ignore my comments, since most of them don't apply
to the artwork for the t-shirts / polo-shirts.  Sorry for the confusion,
Alexander infected me. :P

> last time. His idea of the cover-artwork is quite fine I think. As I've just
> been to Karstadt I had a look at the new music-album from the band named "D12".
> I like their cover-artwork and maybe it might be a good pattern for the Debian
> Linuxtag edition.

Take care of "Urheberrecht", you must not use the same cover, except
that they licensed it to you err to us.

> Why would I choose a black background for the front-covers? Simply because it
> draws attention to the cd. Having the black background with the gray wireframed
> hand and the b/w-earth, the red swirl calls for attention. Joerg also mentioned
> some points to me on irc that the black background would be a good relation to
> several sad topics like "software patents", "sco vs. linux" and that "yast
> became gpl". So I think this makes some sense.

Don't forget the recent deaths of two Debian developers.
I don't think this is a fun issue and we should probably
be careful.



The MS-DOS filesystem is nice for removable media.  -- H. Peter Anvin

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