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Re: Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> writes:

> 6.) Booth plan / Subprojects
>     I dont know exactly how big our booth will be, but as Joey needs
>     some info to not cut some space, lets list what I think will be on
>     the booth:
>     1 PC and a beamer, painting something on one of our walls,
>     2 PCs to show a single person something, with TFT,
>     1 Server somewhere below the tables. It has a COMPLETE Debian
>       mirror, just in case you think about bringing your own, not
>       needed. Also the backports.org is mirrored and OOo for woody.
>     1 i386 with a 15" TFT from the Adamantix People, together with 2
>       Laptops. I dont think we count space for any Laptops, just for
>       things that are static.
>     Ok, thats where Im sure that the people bring the Hardware to the
>     LT.

Ok, to mention the Hardware for the "normal" booth i know about, not

4* AMD XP2.4GHz
2* AMD Duron 1400Hz.
1* Beamer (1024*768)
2* 15" TFT
2* 17" TFT
1* 19" CRT Monitor.
4* 8Port Switches.
10*30m 100Mbit CAT5
10*10m 100Mbit CAT5
10*5m 100Mbit CAT5
ca 25m BNC 10Mbit Kabel
1* Alpha (from Roland).
A bunch of 220V cables, keyboards, mouse, stuff.
One cheap Accesspoint for WLAN stuff, if we need it.

From the 4 XP 3 are planned to be used normal, 1 is reserved for
problems except we need it too. :)
1 of it is for FAI reserved, one for the beamer, one for general stuff
you want to show a single person.

From the 2 Durons there is one with a complete debian mirror. COMPLETE,
all archs/source/cd images. 3 or 4 NICs in it, working as a router for
the rest of our PC stuff.
The other is reserved for problems too, its an exact copy of the other duron.

bye Joerg
Windows ME? Mit 13? Kann der nicht lieber Drogen nehmen wie andere Kinder
in dem Alter?

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