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Re: Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff

* Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> [040510 22:18]:

> 1.) Linuxtag CD/DVD.
>     The first thing is: Should I built CDs or DVDs? I got the same
>     amount of "I prefer CD" and "I prefer DVD" until now. DVD has the
>     advantage of the big space (4 or 9Gb, depends on what i choose), CD
>     is much more used. Well, i think so, maybe DVD are at the same rate
>     now.

I contacted the sponsors about this. Since some of them earn their money
by selling whole CD-sets I asked them, if a DVD would be ok for them.

Only one said, he would like to have CDs. Not for his saleries, but for
compatibility issues.

One sponsor wondered, why we still think of CDs.

One said clearly, that they would like to have a DVD, and are
willing to pay more for them to cover additional costs. For different
reasons, it would even be easier for them, to pay for DVDs.

So I don't think the "sponsor won't like us to give away nearly the
whole distribution" counts.

Next argument: Compatibility. I know, that there are still computers out
there, which don't have a bootable DVD-drive. But I don't think that are
that much. Would it be an acceptable sollution, if we would hand out
burned CDs on request?

We allready do that, if people would like to have non i386 discs. IIRC
debian installers beta5 will be a full disc (not only base system), so
we could use that, if it's impossible to create a second image and test

I see only one argument left: A DVD-image would be much bigger and
dvd-burners are not as common as cd-burners are. This might lead to the
problem, that a dvd won't be as carfull tested than a cd. Well, don't
know a sollution for this problem.

Yes I know that DVD are much more expensive, than CDs (more than twice
as expensive IIRC), but if we can finance it (without shorten the number
of pressed discs, I still don't have exact numbers [or even respones]
from all sponsors, I'll keep you up to date), I would vote for DVDs.

Yours sincerely,

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