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Re: Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff

> 6.) Booth plan / Subprojects
>     I dont know exactly how big our booth will be, but as Joey needs
>     some info to not cut some space, lets list what I think will be on
>     the booth:
>     1 PC and a beamer, painting something on one of our walls,
>     2 PCs to show a single person something, with TFT,
>     1 Server somewhere below the tables. It has a COMPLETE Debian
>       mirror, just in case you think about bringing your own, not
>       needed. Also the backports.org is mirrored and OOo for woody.
>     1 i386 with a 15" TFT from the Adamantix People, together with 2
>       Laptops. I dont think we count space for any Laptops, just for
>       things that are static.
For the m23 software distribution sub project we will bring 2 i386 towers, 2 
i386 laptops and 2 A2 posters.

Cu Hauke

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