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Re: status update LT 2003 CD

* Sven Hoexter <sven@timegate.de> [030603 22:35]:

> Well if the teenager is fourteen or seventeen is uninteressting in this
> case it's a law. We can follow it or ignore it and hope for the best.
Replace fourteen or seventeen with any other age, last year there were
some kids, in the report of HCT were kids, and when I did a talk and
left the booth on a small event allone, more than 35 discs were taken,
after talks in schools, it is nice to give away knoppix cds.

So, shall I put the discs in a safe, before I leave, the kid not
allowed to play, and the kids, which might come this year, too, told,
they won't get a cd, and somebody must start a knoppix splitoff without

Sigh, that seems quite unfair, and I see a proper solution.

> > So what about this "solution": Everyone at the booth formaly gets his
> > own quantum of discs, for whome he and only he is responsible. So I can
> > give the seventeen year old teenager a disc, and if a "official" sees
> > this, he will sue me, since neither you, nor grisu or joey are
> > responsible for my act.
> I'm not a lawyer so I don't know how a court would judge in such a scenario.

If we have a "hacking area" behind our booth like last year, I could
put the private disc stock (or perhaps even some burned one - that
would look quite more like a private gift) there. And if a youngster
wants to have disc, I take him with me behind the wall, and give him
the disc there.

Or we just hope that all kids arrive with their parents, or that they
prohibit them to visit LT (and any other event).

God damn it, it keeps on making no sense at all.


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