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Re: status update LT 2003 CD

* Nicolas Kratz <nick@ikarus.dyndns.org> [030602 02:56]:

> >  a. "Officials" see that and think "Hmm, let's take a close look to
> >  the CD." - maybe you could run in difficults.
> If the "Officials" take a look at the CD and there is no such label,
> _then_ there could be trouble, whether legally grounded or not.
"Could this", "might that". Anything we know for sure?

> Other way around, with label: They say "You cannot distribute the CD
> to minors", then we say "We don't. Haven't you read the label?" Not
> likely anyways, IMO.

I think, there is only one thing, which is more foolish, than making a
foolish law: Follow this foolish law, so I don't think, we should put
any label on the CDs.


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