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Re: status update LT 2003 CD

Good morning,
I got a few things done in the last 2 days so here is v6.

Changes: [1]
- modified the base-config package so that we now ask if the user would like
to add unoffical backports to his sources.list
- decided that the "games" will stay
- added Adrian Bunks xpdf backport

You can download the Image from

Direct Link:

MD5SUM: 55ba3de0b451a273d90b43a68108b253  woody-i386-1_NONUS_v6.raw

Please test and give me feedback!

Further comments
In the last weeks I had the chance to test the v5 Image on a few machines
including Laptops. The only problem I encountered were problems with a
Sony Laptop and the PCMCIA CD-ROM. Well we had not the time to look into
this problem and decided to install via Network so this was not a great deal. 
Accept this small prob everything is running smooth so I think I'll call
it RC at the end of the next week if no grave problems pop up with the v6

Let's take a look at the changes in the base-config package.
As suggest by Joerg Jaspert (and a few others) I added a small debconf
script to the package that asks the user if he would like to add unoffical
sources with backports to his sources.list.
You can take a look at the Script [2] and the modified template [3] file.

Description: Would you like to add unoffical backports to your sources.list?
 If you say yes here we'll add unoffical sources for debian packages to your
 sources.list. This is only usefull if you have a working internet conection.
 You can find more unoffical packages at http://www.apt-get.org
Note: the typo in "connection" is on my todo.list [4] for the next release.

The default answer to this question is no, if the user decides to add the
entries they're all commented out so that the user has to decide on his
own what he would like to use. ATM there is only one entry for Adrian Bunks
packages - please suggest more!

Again a few words on the "Jugendsch(m)utzgesetz"
I decided that all "games and eductional software" will stay so I'm feeling
sorry for all underaged people. Please take your parents with you so that they
can grab a CD for you at the exhibition.

Christian: What about adding a ironic label to the cover "18+ only" or
something like this?

The xpdf packages in woody are realy out of date and the ability to view pdf
files is quite important so I added the backports from Adrian.

The timeline
Grisu, what is a good release timeline so that we have enough time to test and
you've enough time to get the image to the manufacture?

Joey, something new about the debian.html file and the sponsors.txt?

Ok so I think that's all for the moment. Please download the image, give it
a try and then give me feedback!

Have a nice day,

[1] http://source.rfc822.org/pub/mirror/lt2003/changelog.sven

[2] http://source.rfc822.org/pub/mirror/lt2003/base-config_mod/base-config-1.33.18/lib/45sources-list-addon

[3] http://source.rfc822.org/pub/mirror/lt2003/base-config_mod/base-config-1.33.18/debian/templates

[4] ftp://hxt.homelinux.org/lt2003/todo.sven

Old stuff new Domain: http://sven.stormbind.net
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