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Re: LinuxTag - 2003

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [030603 17:19]:

[ Name more important than swirl ]
> > Ist it? Please estimate how man people remember the name "Alexander
> > Schmehl" (or any other Name) and how much recognize the Swirl.
> How are you called usually?  Mr. Swirl or Alex, Alexander or Mr. Schmehl?

Well, what I was trying to say, was, that people, who read my name
probaly don't know very much. I'm not that famous, that people know my
name and can put it in the right category.
But if they see the Swirl, most people will know, that I have something
to do with the Debian Project, no matter how I'm called.

So I tried to argue, that the name isn't more important than the swirl.

But hey, it doesn't matter, if they first read my name and then the
swirl or otherwise...


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