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Re: LinuxTag - 2003

Martin Loschwitz wrote:
> > Comments about the attached files which I hacked together quickly.
> Looks ok. Given the fact that the plastic jackets will be 90x54, I
> needed to adjust the size a bit, but that's no real problem.

Will they definitively be of that size?  I checked several different
jackets that were floating around and 88x55 seems to be quite common,
for one it was even too wide.  Hence, I don't buy that unless it is
decided that the badge jackets that will be used allow the size you

> I thought about how these nameplates would look if the Debian swirl
> was on the left instead of the right side, thanks goes to Joern
> Heissler for changing the .tex-file to make it look that way (see
> atachment, comments welcome).

Well, since the name is more important than the logo and since
humans in the western world tend to read from left to right,
the logo was placed on the right side.  The same should apply
to the nickname / realname, but unfortunately the realname often
is so large that I would have to resize the logo if I wanted to
place the name in the middle of the badge.

> However, I am also okay with Joey's proposal. I hope I'll be able
> to bring my laptop to LT, additionally i'll bring some spare jackets.
> So if more are needed at the booth, we will have no problems to
> create them (if we manage to find a printer, but that shouldn't be
> a real problem, I hope)

When I have the name on Saturday before LinuxTag I can print and
cut them, as well as the last page filled with blanks.  For any
later people, somebody else needs to go ahead.



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