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Re: proposal for LT2003 (second draft)

* Fabio Massimo Di Nitto <fabbione@fabbione.net> [030525 08:29]:

> - 1 box (or more if possible) dedicated for kids where they can play with
>   games from the DebianEDU project is a must.
>   This box is in "Stand-By" due to a law that might not permit us to show
>   games. (BTW: is there any update about this issue?)
No, as I understand that, we are not allowed to let Kids play any game
in Debian, unless they came with their parents, which allow them to

We might be allowed to gave away CDs with games, there was an interview
in one of the last c'ts, telling that they are not going to sue for
softwarekits, which contain games only in a minor part, and if it is
quite clear, that the games would get a "free for all" plaket.
I will search for the interview.

> If we don't have 2 fast machine we can just share one for both the
> tasks.
Ask me again in one week ;-)
It would be no problem for me to bring my small shuttle XPC. But when
I travel by train I won't bring a monitor.

> The next step will be "who is on what?"
Since I'm no DD and have no experience with other architectures I would
joing make-kpkg, debian installation and/or woody->sarge update (with
or without pinning).


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