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Re: Debian Day @ LinuxTag 2003

Moin Alexander!

Alexander Reelsen wrote:
> > We have been offered nine talks by seven people for the Debian Day.
> > There have been very little requests for topics though, hence, I
> > wonder if people are interested in a one day mini Debian conference
> > during LinuxTag at all.
> I, as a visitor, am very interested in Debian Day (I just don't have some
> topic to talk about) and will for sure attend it. Another idea would be to

Do you have some topics you would like to hear about instead?

> have some BoF sessions with a moderator, instead of having predefined
> talks to fill in free time slots just have predefined topics, like, uhm
> DDTP, I18n integration of project foo into debian, whatever. Just be more
> creative than I am..

Well, it is no problem not to maintain the workshop like a classic
talk but more like a discussion with the others.  The only thing, the
moderator (or speaker) needs to take care about is that the audience
has to be able to physically understand what somebody else is saying
(i.e. by forcing people to stand up, speak from the front, having s/o
to repeat etc.).

However, I believe that it is useful to prepare a short intro and
maybe two questions for the audience to start the discussion, but
that's it.  So, no objection at all.

> However most of the BoF stuff will happen at the debian booth, this would
> get the booth free for the masses (but hey, not that much on friday,
> might be more useful for the weekend).

Debian can use the rooms on the other days as well, just not en bloc
since other projects would probably like to use them as well.



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