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proposal for LT2003 (second draft)

Hi all,
	this is an update of the first proposal I did a while ago [1]:

Since the first draft i didn't receive many comments, so i believe that
the proposal wasn't too bad ;)

- 2 "eyes catcher"

- 1 box (or more if possible) dedicated for kids where they can play with
  games from the DebianEDU project is a must.
  This box is in "Stand-By" due to a law that might not permit us to show
  games. (BTW: is there any update about this issue?)

- 1 fast machine where to demonstrate make-kpkg

- 1 fast machine where to show the Debian installation process.
  A demo for debian-installer (according to its status) would be nice to

If we don't have 2 fast machine we can just share one for both the tasks.

- N different archs.
  Karsten Merker noted that there should be a ports booth again and that
  it is usually based on Debian.
  slower archs can be used as workstation for people that want to access
  the net or similar.

- woody -> sarge upgrade
  Alexander Wirt should be able to bring a Debian mirror that we can use
  locally. We might need a machine for this task.

- debianization process for pkg foo

Remember that the numebers i placed above are just an indication...
if we can get 20 fast machines for sure we can show more things :-)

The next step will be "who is on what?"

Please send me notes, comments or wishes for which task you would like to
perform at the booth, if possible it would extremely nice to have 2 person
on each task so that if one will not be able to join there will be a
backup. In this way everyone will have the possibility to prepare its
configurations before and testing what they want to show, as well we can
avoid too much duplicate work in preparation phase.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2003/debian-events-eu-200304/msg00027.html

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