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Re: proposal for LT2003 (second draft)

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto <fabbione@fabbione.net> writes:

> If we don't have 2 fast machine we can just share one for both the
> tasks.

If i find someone with a car i can bring 1 or 2 i386-compatible
machines (1 is sure, 2 depends on a friend).  Both have around 1500 -
2000 MHz, ~256 - 512MB RAM and some GB of Disk Space.
If i have to take the train its only a Ibook.

> - 1 fast machine where to show the Debian installation process.
>   A demo for debian-installer (according to its status) would be nice to
>   have.

I want to take it.
That one could be combined with

> - woody -> sarge upgrade
>   Alexander Wirt should be able to bring a Debian mirror that we can use
>   locally. We might need a machine for this task.

Just after the install demo one can go "If you now want to upgrade to
some newer Debian Release you can do ...."

> - debianization process for pkg foo

Easy thing. I want it. :)

> Please send me notes, comments or wishes for which task you would like to
> perform at the booth, if possible it would extremely nice to have 2
> person

2 or 3 yes.

bye Joerg
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