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Re: status update LT 2003 CD

Hi all,
let's say hello to v5 and the new bf ;)

Ok the major change are the new bf. I switched to Eduard Blochs latest
version 3.0.24-20030107 and I couldn't find any problems on 3 systems from and
old PI 200 up to a brand new machine with P4 2,x Ghz.
If you have time give them try.

Eduard: The only minor issue I have is a missing space between the "de" and
the "-" in the language selection screen right at the beginning. Is this a
bug or a feature? Anyway not realy important.

Joey: I try to include Debian.html and sponsors.txt at build time so you can
put them on your webserver when they're ready.

Here we go:

rsync avaible

I think I'll do the sources.list hacking stuff next and then decide what we
can do about the problem with the "games" and eductional software.

If you have wishes about packages you would like to see included/removed pleace
write a mail so that we can discuss your wish.

Have fun,

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