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Re: status update LT 2003 CD

Sven Hoexter wrote:
> Ok now for some questions:
> Should we include a modified sources.list containing unoffical sources with
> a big fat warning or as an alternativ a second source list with unoffical
> stuff? sourceslist.d would be great but the apt in woody doesn't support this
> so it's not a option.

No.  However, as a compromise you could place a sources.list.addons in
/etc/apt/ and tell people about it.  We could also spend a paragraph
in the README or index.html to link against apt-get.org so people can
search for packages there as well.

> Is somebody collection sponsors and information about them for the README
> files etc.?

I can do that.  I've just added a section for sponsors in the
README.linuxtag file.  They can be added somewhere else as well, of

> Joey, there is a somewhere a double space in the README.linuxtag canyou kill
> one?

Where?  There's double space in each line that's not a heading and
after a full stop.  They are intentional.  Anywhere else?  Anything
else that is missing?



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