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Re: status update LT 2003 CD

ok a small status update. It's mostly something like a bugfix release in
reaction to the recent security fixes.
I installed this release on my testbox at home and I will test it tomorrow
in the office on a few test machines.

Ok now for some questions:
Should we include a modified sources.list containing unoffical sources with
a big fat warning or as an alternativ a second source list with unoffical
stuff? sourceslist.d would be great but the apt in woody doesn't support this
so it's not a option.

Is somebody collection sponsors and information about them for the README
files etc.?

Is Christian working on the covers? IIRC we stopped this discussion in the
past without a result.

Joey, there is a somewhere a double space in the README.linuxtag canyou kill

Ah and now I'm thinking about rebuilding the boot-floppys cause a friend
encountered  problems with a new Intel eepro chip (Thanks for testing Dennis).
Well this is not a show stopper but it's anonying when your network doesn't
work out of the box. Anyway I've to collect and read some documentation bevor
I try this.

Just for the sake of it I started reading the pgi documentation. If I've the
time I'll try to build something up with pgi.

That's all for the moment. More information on open issue can be found in my
todo list.

Here we go:

rsync should be avaible too

One more thing: Please give me some feedback! At the moment the comments are
realy rare. Most input was some ranting about the installer and that wasn't


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