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webb.it 2003

Debian will have a double booth at the Webb.it 2003, in Padova, Italy.

Some Debian developers will be there as "residents" to run the booth and
workshops but every Debian developer interested can get a 3-days pass
for free. If you plan to be in Italy, near padova from 9 to 11 May and
want a pass just drop me a note.

Attached to this mail there is the wml file describing the event (in


Federico Di Gregorio
Debian GNU/Linux Developer                                fog@debian.org
INIT.D Developer                                           fog@initd.org
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<define-tag abbr>PM</define-tag>
<define-tag year>2003</define-tag>
<define-tag pagetitle>Webb.it 2003 in Padova</define-tag>
<define-tag where>Padova, Italy</define-tag>
<define-tag date>May, 9th to 11th</define-tag>
<define-tag infolink>http://www.webb.it/</define-tag>
<define-tag coord><a href="mailto:fog@debian.org";>Federico Di Gregorio</a></define-tag>

<define-tag intro>

    <p><a href="http://www.webb.it/";>Webb.it</a> is the biggest italian
    meeting about computers and technology for hobbyists and
    professionals alike. Webb.it is an event dedicated to software
    development and programming, web design and graphics, new media,
    hardare, networking and even marketing and business.

    <p>About 1200 "resident" participants will attend WebbitCon with their
    computers, to live and sleep in the Arena, always connected to the
    high-speed intranet, with a 156Mbits connection to the internet. Others
    will be there to attend some of the more than 300 workshops (WebbitEdu)
    organized by software and hardware companies and user communities. Other
    visitors will just hang around in the area outside of the arena where the
    sponsors and various companies will have their booths (WebbitPro).


<define-tag involve>

    <p>Debian will be present with some space in the Free Software
    Island, a big area built from two <a
    Islands</a>, with 2 workshop rooms (with big plasma displays), 8
    mini-stands (Debian will have one) and about 60 networked places for
    visitors and Debian users. 

    <p>Some Debian developers and entusiasts will be there to install
    GNU/Linux on visitors' machines and help anybody wishing to switch
    from proprietary to free software... After a long time this is
    another opportunity to put names and email addresses to faces and
    personalities. Debian developers will also hold some talks and
    demonstrations in the workshop space of the Island.

#use wml::debian::event
# $Id: 20030509-webbit.wml,v 1.0 2003/03/01 16:57:31 fog Exp $
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  <li><a href="http://www.webb.it/";>Webb.it</a><br>
  <li><a href="http://www.webbitcon.org";>WebbitCon</a><br>

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