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Re: status update LT 2003 CD

On Sat, Apr 12, 2003 at 05:11:38PM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Sven Hoexter wrote:


> > Ok now for some questions:
> > Should we include a modified sources.list containing unoffical sources with
> > a big fat warning or as an alternativ a second source list with unoffical
> > stuff? sourceslist.d would be great but the apt in woody doesn't support this
> > so it's not a option.
> No.  However, as a compromise you could place a sources.list.addons in
> /etc/apt/ and tell people about it.  We could also spend a paragraph
> in the README or index.html to link against apt-get.org so people can
> search for packages there as well.
I'll pick one of the proposed ideas when I'm sure that the bf3.0.24 stuff

> > Is somebody collection sponsors and information about them for the README
> > files etc.?
> I can do that.  I've just added a section for sponsors in the
> README.linuxtag file.  They can be added somewhere else as well, of
> course.
Last year there was a sponsors.txt and a the CD Distributors are mentioned in
the debian.html. debian.html needs some changes, too.

> > Joey, there is a somewhere a double space in the README.linuxtag canyou kill
> > one?
> Where?  There's double space in each line that's not a heading and
> after a full stop.  They are intentional.  Anywhere else?  Anything
> else that is missing?
Aehm for what the hell do you use a double space in a textfile?
I can't see a system behind it anyway.

does not include the entire Debian distribution.  You can, however,
In this line we have double space.

CD-ROM (it has a size 6 CD-ROMs). If you have fast internet access,
In this one we have only one.

Would be nice to have one system behind it or am I too blind to see the 
deeper meaning?

Ok small status update:
I've build a version of the iso with Eduards bf 3.0.24 and it seems to work.
The problem with newer EtherExpress Pro Chips is fixed. I'll do some basic
install tests tomorrow and then think about wich packages I'll finally kill
to free the ~5MB we need for the new bf.


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