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Re: LT review...

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> "Tille, Andreas" <TilleA@rki.de> writes:
> >> Then it must gbe on the Business day. :)
> > Right.  Why not.
> The reason for Friday this year was mainly:
> At Thursday it is start day, not all finished yet, setup still running,

No, that's not the problem.  The main problem was that we were scared
that too many Debian people won't be able to make it to LinuxTag on
Thursday and people arrinving on Friday would miss the Debian day.

> etc, so we dont have time for other things. But we all had it running

So start earlier on Wednesday. :-)

> at Wednesday, just very small tings at Thursday so thats not a reason.
> If there is enough place then do it at Thursday. :)

If the budget isn't shortened too much then we'll be able to provide
workshop rooms from Thursday to Sunday, so technically any day is

> Yes. They all see just the "Morons. Im surrounded by Morons" and thats
> all. They dont see that it is a citation and if they do they dont now
> the Guy.

There are some shirts left over, so we can use them for next year
along with another motive. :-)



Life is a lot easier when you have someone to share it with.  -- Sean Perry

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