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Re: LT review...

"Tille, Andreas" <TilleA@rki.de> writes:

>> Then it must gbe on the Business day. :)
> Right.  Why not.

The reason for Friday this year was mainly:
At Thursday it is start day, not all finished yet, setup still running,
etc, so we dont have time for other things. But we all had it running
at Wednesday, just very small tings at Thursday so thats not a reason.
If there is enough place then do it at Thursday. :)

>> sum/day for T-Shirts (all from brain, so not 100% right. :):
>> T-Shirts: ~ 400, ~800, ~800, ~200-300
> We run out of T-Shirts the last day.  Problem of the Moron - T-Shirt:
> People did generally not know the story and so they were not attracted.
> Before I had my talk at the "Linux rulez" workshop I was asked by a
> Pingos-Member whether I wanted to offend the audience.  So I just
> explained in short.  I think we have to tag an explanation near the
> T-Shirts ...

Yes. They all see just the "Morons. Im surrounded by Morons" and thats
all. They dont see that it is a citation and if they do they dont now
the Guy.

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