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Re: LT review...

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

>> Alternative: 16 Monitors connectod to one PC (seen at XFree86 Booth) :)
> Nah!  Leave that bonus to the XFree86 crew.

Was a joke. :)

> [DVD]
>> Nice Project. We have to start with it in Dezember, at latest.
> Agreed.  Start early, fix things early, fix bugs in the distribution,
> and create the best result ever.

LOL. Yes.

>> day, not at all) and pay the bill for all the People working on the
>> Debian Booth.  As a little "Thank you" for all the work and time they
>> spend. Or alternative: Pay the "Brezeln" (the suggestion from grisu)
>> from it.
> Sounds ok to me.  I guess I'd prefer to pay a daily amount of pretzel
> and some liquid water from it so the booth people's voice is louder
> than their stomach, and organize the evening food just like before.

Something like that.

>> > Well, once we know the interesting museum we could choose a place
>> > regarding to the food ...
>> There must be another interesting place in Karlsruhe to go :)
> There are, I'm pretty sure.  If you find a place, where 350 people can
> go and be served food and liquid, please let us know, we're looking
> for a new location for the next social event...

Oh, i know enough. But not in Karlsruhe. :)

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