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Re: LT review...

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> Then it must gbe on the Business day. :)
Right.  Why not.

> Alternative: 16 Monitors connectod to one PC (seen at XFree86 Booth) :)
By the way: It was a shame that we had two TFTs unused at our booth ...

> sum/day for T-Shirts (all from brain, so not 100% right. :):
> T-Shirts: ~ 400, ~800, ~800, ~200-300
We run out of T-Shirts the last day.  Problem of the Moron - T-Shirt:
People did generally not know the story and so they were not attracted.
Before I had my talk at the "Linux rulez" workshop I was asked by a
Pingos-Member whether I wanted to offend the audience.  So I just
explained in short.  I think we have to tag an explanation near the
T-Shirts ...

> Donations: ~ 400 or 500. Last day ~380, before that there were some
> People donating 50 Euros at once.
> All in Euro. :)

Kind regards


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