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Re: LT review...

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

Buha, hast Du nen Schreibflash? Soviel Mails auf einmal. :)

>> etc, so we dont have time for other things. But we all had it running
> So start earlier on Wednesday. :-)

A problem if you drive with another one and he is to late :)

>> at Wednesday, just very small tings at Thursday so thats not a reason.
>> If there is enough place then do it at Thursday. :)
> If the budget isn't shortened too much then we'll be able to provide
> workshop rooms from Thursday to Sunday, so technically any day is
> good.

Fine. I hope it is not shortened. MORE is good. :)

>> Yes. They all see just the "Morons. Im surrounded by Morons" and thats
>> all. They dont see that it is a citation and if they do they dont now
>> the Guy.
> There are some shirts left over, so we can use them for next year
> along with another motive. :-)

Some? Many, i think.
But we need other motives for next Show, some motive people know. :)

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