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Re: LT review...

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Michael Bramer wrote:

>  - DebianDay
>    I can't say something about this day. I was not in karlsruhe..
As Russel said:

    - make it publicly announced
    - ship time table with title and abstract on the program
      (we do not have to wonder at all that less people visited the
       talk if nobody would have a trace ...)
    - make it not at the same time as other technical talks
    - have a beamer ready in every room (well I know it was because
      Joey was ill - but it has to work even if Joey would be on
      the other side of the planet)

>  - Debian Booth
>    - the beamer was a big pro

>      After some hours Andreas and I move from the backstage to the booth
>      and IMHO the next days the booth was better. Also Jörg was all the
>      time on the booth.
In my opinion it is no shame of visitors see some DDs *working* on the booth.
Many other projects did so as well.  Sometimes reading e-mail is work and
so it is no shame.  But you should definitely stop reading mails or doing
some stuff if visitors ask for information.

>    - CDs:
>      This year we make 5000 CDs and throw out almost all CDs on 3 Days.
> On
>      the last day we make a sign 'make a bounty and you get a CD'. And
>      we get donations...
What is the sum/day and the whole sum?

>      - I talk already with someones at the booth: I like a DVD next
>        year, with:
>         - a normal mirror (like this year)
> 	- with a knoppix like live system. But this system should be use
> 	  ext2 as loop dev (and not a iso-fs).
> 	- a optional 'install on your win9X box button' (like the swap
> 	  file in the knoppix of this days)
>        (I ask klaus and this is technical possible)

>    - Also on the other days we get some donations from our visitors.
>      Maybe we should put some 'sparschein' at your booth the next year.

>    - we don't make our shows... I don't know the problem, but nobody
>      make his shows. Only Jörg show some full installations on request.
Where there other shows planed.  I use present small "shows" of Debian
Junior/Med at request on my laptop and I had the impression that people
liked it ...

>  - LinuxNacht (SocialEvent)
>    - Ok the show was ok, but the food and drink was last year better.
>      to joey: please choose next year a other place ...
Well, once we know the interesting museum we could choose a place
regarding to the food ...

Kind regards


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