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Re: LT review...

"Tille, Andreas" <TilleA@rki.de> writes:

>     - make it not at the same time as other technical talks

Then it must gbe on the Business day. :)

>     - have a beamer ready in every room (well I know it was because
>       Joey was ill - but it has to work even if Joey would be on
>       the other side of the planet)

All of them? :)

>>  - Debian Booth
>>    - the beamer was a big pro
> Definitely.

Alternative: 16 Monitors connectod to one PC (seen at XFree86 Booth) :)

>>      This year we make 5000 CDs and throw out almost all CDs on 3 Days.
>> On
>>      the last day we make a sign 'make a bounty and you get a CD'. And
>>      we get donations...
> What is the sum/day and the whole sum?

sum/day for T-Shirts (all from brain, so not 100% right. :):
T-Shirts: ~ 400, ~800, ~800, ~200-300
Donations: ~ 400 or 500. Last day ~380, before that there were some
People donating 50 Euros at once.
All in Euro. :)

>>      - I talk already with someones at the booth: I like a DVD next
>>        year, with:
>>         - a normal mirror (like this year)
>> 	- with a knoppix like live system. But this system should be use
>> 	  ext2 as loop dev (and not a iso-fs).
>> 	- a optional 'install on your win9X box button' (like the swap
>> 	  file in the knoppix of this days)
>>        (I ask klaus and this is technical possible)
> Cool.

Yes. :)
Nice Project. We have to start with it in Dezember, at latest.
Lets see if i get some money until then then i buy a DVD RW and work
(with grisu) on it. :)
Could be an interesting job.

>>    - Also on the other days we get some donations from our visitors.
>>      Maybe we should put some 'sparschein' at your booth the next year.
> Definitely.

I have such a thing. We just need to print a A4 Paper with Debian Logo
and Description of the Donation, then we can use that. (Es ist eine
grosse (A4 Höhe) runde Metallbüchse. Alternativ hab ich ne 30 Liter Colaflasche
auch zur Verfügung :) ).

A suggestion for the Donations next year (if we get enough):
We go to eat Pizza some days. Take something from the Donations (at one
day, not at all) and pay the bill for all the People working on the
Debian Booth.  As a little "Thank you" for all the work and time they
spend. Or alternative: Pay the "Brezeln" (the suggestion from grisu)
from it.

>>  - LinuxNacht (SocialEvent)
>>    - Ok the show was ok, but the food and drink was last year better.
>>      to joey: please choose next year a other place ...
> Well, once we know the interesting museum we could choose a place
> regarding to the food ...

There must be another interesting place in Karlsruhe to go :)

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