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Re: LT review...

Tille, Andreas wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Michael Bramer wrote:
> >  - DebianDay
> >    I can't say something about this day. I was not in karlsruhe..
> As Russel said:
>     - make it publicly announced

It was announced publically.  The schedule was available from the
Debian pages and it was on the LinuxTag pages.  Well, it didn't say
Debian day, but it was mentioned that the Debian day was on Friday

What was missing was an announcement for debian-news.  I've asked for
assistance when I realized that that I wasn't able to manage it on my
own, but didn't receive some, and the final schedule was made way too
late, so it wasn't properly announced on -news.

Something to learn?  Sure, organise before it's too late.  This does
affect everything: the CD, the booth, the debian day etc. pp.  The CD
and the debian day were organised too late, nobody felt responsible
for them in time, that's the main problem from my point of view.

>     - ship time table with title and abstract on the program
>       (we do not have to wonder at all that less people visited the
>        talk if nobody would have a trace ...)

There are still abstracts missing btw...

>     - make it not at the same time as other technical talks

Like Russell said.  I'm more than happy to host the Debian Day as
special event on Thursday before the regular free conference program

>     - have a beamer ready in every room (well I know it was because
>       Joey was ill - but it has to work even if Joey would be on
>       the other side of the planet)

Well sure.  That's entirely my fault since I wasn't able to schedule
things on the day before.  Mea culpa!  Things worked a little bit
different in Karlsruhe compared to Stuttgart, and not everything was
good.  Like having to leave the exhibition hall at 10pm distracted me
from preparations for the next day.  Also I failed to run supporter
meetings and create overview pages during LinuxTag.  I'm working on an

> >      After some hours Andreas and I move from the backstage to the booth
> >      and IMHO the next days the booth was better. Also Jörg was all the
> >      time on the booth.
> In my opinion it is no shame of visitors see some DDs *working* on the booth.

Of course not, but if there are only geeks working and reading their
mail, sitting with the back to visitors, not responding to them,
is... err... somewhat confusing...



Life is a lot easier when you have someone to share it with.  -- Sean Perry

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