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Re: Linuxwochen - Wien - open questions

Hi Gerfried!

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

> * Martin Wuertele <martin@wuertele.net> [2002-06-09 17:59]:
> > For burning disks we should split the work for several reasons:
> > - less time per person
> > - in case I get ill and no one can pick the CDs up someone else at least
> >   has some disks
> > - cost spread if we can't get any sponsoring
>  I guess that is done by pinguin.at now, if I'm informed correctly.
> > Anyway do you thing we need ~100 CDs for the install party? 
>  No.  But it might be handy to be able to give the one or the other away
> before at the booth already (not too much there of course).
AFAIK do we get 100 CDs sponsored so we will have some available to give

yours Martin
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