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Re: Linuxwochen - Wien - open questions

* Martin Wuertele <martin@wuertele.net> [2002-06-09 17:06]:
> Mail-Followup-To: debian-events-eu@lists.debian.org,
> 	Christoph Siess <c.siess@gmx.at>, kyrah@gnu.org,
> 	guckes@math.fu-berlin.de

 Uhm, I left kyrah and Sven out of this reply for I don't think that
it's too interesting for them anymore.

> Hi Christoph!

 Uhm, this is the list ,-)

> And a GUI Installer is IMO ok for the show to compete with other distros
> like S-word, R-word or M-word :-)

 That was one of my thought, yes.  I don't know why people think that
textual install is harder than graphical -- but if we can avoid that
discussion it would be better I guess.

> On Sun, 09 Jun 2002, Christoph Siess wrote:
>> Alfie said something thate we would have a Problem with the Free-Space on the
>> CD.
> Can you elaborate on this a little more please?

 Uhm, I guess the LinuxTag CD from Joey has a whole different package
list than the CD for the LinuxTag from Debian (the one that Jörg Jaspert
did).  On the later one I know that there was a space problem, I don't
know anything about the former.

> Good Idea. Still we should agree on the list... don't have time for
> creating $BIGNUMBER of images... and we need testing as well...

 Uhm, one disadvantage I know about pgi -- it isn't possible for all the
architectures, only 2 or three iirc.  So if your plan holds to do sparc
image and such I guess you'll be out of luck (would love to be told

 Have fun,
When in doubt, parenthesize.  At the very least it will let some
poor schmuck bounce on the % key in vi.
             -- Larry Wall in the perl man page

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