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Re: Linuxwochen CD

* Martin Wuertele <martin@wuertele.net> [2002-06-09 18:59]:
> - I will create a PGI based CD for the install party based on Joey's
>   LT-CD (this means we'll include the same packages)


> - we will use the Platinum Slimcase CD-Rs since they cost us between EUR
>   0,50 and 0,60 per item and they only need a front cover
> - we will burn ~50 of these binary x86 CDs

 Uhm, I thought this is handed to pinguin.at?  Or do you mean in
addition?  For handouts during friday and saturday?

> - in addition we will burn max. 5 binary PPC minimum install CDs from the
>   images available at http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/debian-cd/

 Haven't taken a look at them now, are they somewhat current woody
images created with debian-cd?

> - we will bring 10-20 floppy disks to create install disks for other
>   ports in case necessary

 Good idea! Thanks, I've forgotten to mention it, Christoph saved again
my butt (as last year, I know).

> - Christoph will make the front cover for the CDs (a slight modification
>   of the LT front cover)

 Alright, less work for me so I can concentrate a little more on my new
job, thanks again.

> - if we can get any money from sponsors we will propably use it to print
>   the CD covers in color, otherwise we will print them in black-white
>   with our laser printers

 Unfortunately I don't have contact here or even ideas how to talk to
such people and convince them...  I can just try to look if I can print
it at work (or ex-work or ex-ex-work -- gee, that is getting more and
more ex every now and then :/).

 Have fun,
P.S.: Just a hint, never go offline for more than a week or such -- not
even if you are forced to. Especially when you should organize the one
or the other thing. You'll never be able to catch up again...
P.P.S.: Ah yes, did I say thank you, Christoph?  Of course, thank you
also, Martin.
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