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Re: Linuxwochen - Wien - open questions

* Martin Wuertele <martin@wuertele.net> [2002-06-09 17:59]:
> For burning disks we should split the work for several reasons:
> - less time per person
> - in case I get ill and no one can pick the CDs up someone else at least
>   has some disks
> - cost spread if we can't get any sponsoring

 I guess that is done by pinguin.at now, if I'm informed correctly.

> Anyway do you thing we need ~100 CDs for the install party? 

 No.  But it might be handy to be able to give the one or the other away
before at the booth already (not too much there of course).

 Have fun,
To err is human -- but it feels divine.
                -- Mae West

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