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Linuxwochen - Wien - open questions

Hi there,
Alfie just phoned me, he has problem with his Internet Connection. Here
are the questions i discussed with him:

Gordon (Fraser): What is the current status about the T-Shirts? 
If they are Woody specific or not is not the big deal i think. Alfie
thinks thats its only a matter of time until we have sold all our
shirts. 50 T-Shirts would be good i think, but that depends on how many
money you will/can thrust out.
Another question is how the T-Shirts got printed. Somebody toled
something about a sieve...

CD Images:
Martin (Würtele):
Alfie told me that you made some specified Packetlists. More input
please :).
How many CDs do we need (i think of about 100). Knows anybody a company
or something like that who may sponsor us some CDs?

Our booth:
We need someone who catches stuff for our booth from Joey. 
Sven (Guckes): When do you arrive in Vienna? Maybe you could get some
stuff for vienna?
kyrah: Some for you. Alfie told me that you also could get some stuff
from Joey.

Alfie has a TFT Monitor that supports "Rotated Video" (you can turn the
screen 80 Degree). We need a Graphic Card which also supports this. I
have a Matrox MGA 550, does anyone knows if this card supports this
(google found nothing, when i gave it a quick try). We also have the
problem that the MGA 550 only worsk in Xfree 4.2 well.
A beamer would also be cool, do we have anyone who could take a beamer
to vienna?

OK that's it, many questions and less time :).

so long, 
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