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Re: CD Covers for Linuxwochen CD

* Christoph Siess <c.siess@gmx.at> [2002-06-09 16:58]:
> we need a Cover for our CDs for the Linuxwochen in Vienna.
> I prefer a change of the Covers for the LinuxTag CDs which can be found
> here: http://armadillo.ffis.de/~cw/debian/lt02/cd/artwork/latest/
> So we need some volunteers :)

 I'm (somewhat) online again in my new job and hope that I can diddle on
that image, if someone tells me what is wanted.  I hope that I can
download it tomorrow (I'm still writing this on monday) and take a look
at it.  If it's only to replace the sponsor-logos and some text it
should be no problem at all.  Hanging out in #gimp from time to time
should pay off, I guess.

 Have fun,
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