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Re: CD Covers for Linuxwochen CD

Hi Christian,

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 10:30:30PM +0200, Christian Weerts wrote:
> If I could help you, tell me how! What would you like to
> change on the Covers? Have you got a sponsor so I can put
> the Logo on the front or/and back?

Well what I did was delte the layers with the sponsors. We habe a
sponsor for the CDs: www.pinguin.at I haven't got a logo, but I think i
will get it today. It would be very cool if you could change this round
label on the upper left corner into LinuxWochen 2002 Edition...

> Btw: The copyright notice on the left is wanted by the owner
> of the hand-picture, so don't remove it!

Thats no problem at all.

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