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Re: LinuxTag

Peter H. Ganten wrote:
> Martin Schulze writes:
>  > I'll ask them and Linuxland once CeBIT is over and things have settled
>  > down again.
> I have just talked to the Linuxland people at CeBit. They are willing
> to sponsor the CD :-) Nevertheless, I would prefer it, if LinuxLand,
> Lehmanns and Springer-Verlag would sponsor the CD together. Debian
> would appear more independent then and the three most important
> Debian-Vendors in Germany would all be represented. LinuxLand would be
> happy with this solution, I will speak with Springer this week and
> can also ask Lehmanns, if you don't have enough time? 

Sorry, but I don't understand.

Debian will have a booth.
Linuxland will most probably also have a booth.

I don't know about plans of Lehmanns and Springer wrt. a booth.



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