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Re: LinuxTag

To get the ball rolling again...

 . Da praktisch die gesamten CD's vom letzten LinuxTag dort verteilt
   wurden, könnten wir in der Tat überlegen, ob wir wieder eine
   Special Edition herstellen.

   We'll have to find out who wants to sponsor them (5k CD's are about
   5kDM) or if the project wants to use some of their funds for it.

   Alternatively if we want to charge people 1-2DM per CD we should
   not produce too many CD's.  I'd say not more than 1.5k.  This at
   least will ensure that only interested people will get the CD and
   not just anybody who tries to collect as much as he can from the
   exhibition.  (I could imagine that Linuxland and LOB would sponsor
   the CDs partially, though not very likely for 5k pieces...)

 . Roland/Peter/Franky: Hättet ihr wieder Zeit, euch um die
   Herstellung zu kümmern?

 . Debian will again get a sponsored booth from us (LinuxTag e.V.)
   where the project can demonstrate what people want.

   - I'd like to have a couple of architectures presented there.
     There are contacts to Compaq and Sun who could bring one of their
     machines to LinuxTag to be used on the Debian booth (assuming
     that they will also have a booth).

   - At the booth I'd like to have different desktops used at the
     machines so visitors get the diversity we have.

   - I already have a couple of posters (check pictures from most
     recent exhibitions).  I'd like to have some more, help is

       * An updated world map.  (I can print A0 postscript at our
         university quite unexpensive if nobody else gets a chance)
         (It could be cool to add another dot for any of our machines,
         including ftp/www mirrors)

       * A poster with pictures of machines on which Debian GNU/Linux
         runs (i.e. non-ia32 boxes that look cool [like an RS6k,
         Amiga, Sun, AlphaServer etc.])

 . We ought to have some 200 {magazine+cd} with Debian potato.
   Another CHIP special edition is on its way and we will get a
   chance to get quite some gratis issues.  Since they target
   beginners and non-experienced users they should be handed out to
   exactly these type of people, imho.

 . Joey wrote a script iirc that sipmly unpacks every source package
   and recompiles it in a window.  That's a nice gag as well, starting
   from wednesday evening and counting packages just to demonstrate
   automatism.  Alternatively: set up a buildd that simply rebuilds
   one arch w/o uploading.



We all know Linux is great... it does infinite loops in 5 seconds.
        - Linus Torvalds

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