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I just realised that time is passing really fast, and it is only about
3.5 months til Linuxtag. Maybe we should start some brain storming about
what we want to do/show on Linuxtag...

What do people think about the pre-potato CD from last year? Do we want
to do this again? I think it was a pretty good success. In the case that
we do want to make a CD like last year this year, there would be a
problem of finding a sponsor. I guess ID-PRO and Innominate wouldn't be
able to do it this year... Who else would be willing to sponsor them:
LOB (co-sponsored CDs last year), LinuxLand, and maybe magazines?
(thanks for the ideas Joey!) My possibilities of contacting those
possible sponsors are currently limited, so maybe somebody else would be
willing to volunteer?

Another thing I just thought of, is the installation demonstration we
did last year. If we wanted to do something like this, it would have to
be better practised and planned than last year. It wasn't really a
success... (Torsten, I hope you don't take this offensive :)

Any ideas?


Roland Bauerschmidt

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