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Re: LinuxTag


Martin Schulze writes:
 >    Alternatively if we want to charge people 1-2DM per CD we should
 >    not produce too many CD's.  I'd say not more than 1.5k.  This at
 >    least will ensure that only interested people will get the CD and
 >    not just anybody who tries to collect as much as he can from the
 >    exhibition.  (I could imagine that Linuxland and LOB would sponsor
 >    the CDs partially, though not very likely for 5k pieces...)

In my opinion, it would be nicer to give the CDs away for free. I have
talked with quite a few people, which got the CD from LinuxTag but
have used some month later, those people would probably not pay for a

 >  . Roland/Peter/Franky: Hättet ihr wieder Zeit, euch um die
 >    Herstellung zu kümmern?

Yes, I would like to produce the CD again. Also, I will ask the
publisher of my book, if they are able to sponsor parts of the CD. 
Please don't expect me to do this within the next 14 days, since I am
on vacation then. 



Peter Ganten

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