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Re: Help for mipsel building environment

On Fri, 18 Jun 2010 21:00:51 +0000 (UTC)
Marc Zonzon <marc.zonzon@gmail.com> wrote:

> I tried to use pdebuild-cross, but I have no doc but the short
> manpage,

Please file a wishlist bug against pdebuild-cross with some idea of the
kind of contents you would like to see in the manpage.

I'm preparing a talk on multistrap and pdebuild-cross for DebConf10 and
any hints about which bits of documentation are missing would be much
appreciated. Don't forget the website too:

That's overly brief right now and I'd welcome comments about just what
kind of info people want added.

> the init of environment failed miserably. I probably didn't
> set a proper conf. Or some hook is not tailored for debian.

There are two bugs here. Please file a wishlist bug for the manpage to
get a section on how to switch architectures in the config.

The other bug is an omission in the configuration files for the
cross-chroots which came about as a fix for multistrap behaviour with
rootfs generation. An option needed by the cross-chroot was turned off
by default for rootfs building and I omitted to enable it in the
cross-chroot configurations. 

> The first apt-get fails with an error that you can find at 
> http://pastebin.ca/1886024

That was *very* helpful, thank you.
> Any advice, way to debug, or documentation link is quite welcome.

You don't have to wait for those bugs to be fixed because I want to get
the translations updated for both packages before the next upload, so the next upload won't happen for about 14 days.

The changes you need are:

0. Copy /etc/pdebuild-cross/pdebuild-cross.rc to somewhere.
Copy /usr/share/multistrap/mipsel.conf alongside it.

1. Specify mipsel in the CROSSARCH field in pdebuild-cross.rc and
change the MULTISTRAPFILE field to specify the
original /usr/share/multistrap/mipsel.conf file.


2. Edit the local mipsel.conf file and add a single line to the
[General] section: explicitsuite=true


3. Make a subdirectory and create your tarball with:
$ sudo multistrap -f mipsel.conf -d /path/to/subdir/ 

4. Copy or move that tarball into the place specified in
pdebuild-cross.rc as BASETGZ

5. Login to the chroot and tweak the config:
sudo pbuilder login --configfile pdebuild-cross.rc --save-after-login

echo dpkg-cross dpkg-cross/default-arch string mipsel | debconf-set-selections

dpkg-reconfigure dpkg-cross

(This only needs to be done once. I must admit, I thought I'd got that
bit working without the hack inside the chroot, that's what the
CROSSARCH field was meant to do. I'll debug that later - file a bug
report about that too if you like, in case I run out of time.)

6. Now you can copy the config files back into their original locations.

I've just tested that. The changes are all config and docs, the scripts
themselves are OK.


Neil Williams

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