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Re: Help for mipsel building environment

Neil Williams <codehelp <at> debian.org> writes:

> Currently, the build environment for debian cross-building is
> pdebuild-cross which defaults to armel but should work for mipsel too.
> It installs the Lenny toolchains from Emdebian into a chroot using
> multistrap and then allows you to build packages as normally inside a
> cross-building chroot using hooks into pbuilder - i.e. a disposable
> chroot.
> If you prefer to install the toolchains on your main system, then you
> only need apt-cross or some other way of downloading and installing
> cross-dependencies. apt-cross is far from perfect and it is
> particularly difficult to use outside a chroot or when not basing your
> system on a stable release. Updating cross-dependencies is what usually
> breaks apt-cross. (This is why pdebuild-cross uses a disposable chroot).

Thank you Neil

I tried to use pdebuild-cross, but I have no doc but the short manpage,
the init of environment failed miserably. I probably didn't set a proper
conf. Or some hook is not tailored for debian.

The first apt-get fails with an error that you can find at 

Any advice, way to debug, or documentation link is quite welcome.


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