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Help for mipsel building environment

It's a beginner question!
I want to cross build Debian packages for ben nanonote, i.e. xburst mips32
mipsel architecture. I have no experience on cross building Debian, I have done
some native package development, I have also experience of cross development
under Openwrt and OpenEmbedded, but nothing on cross Debian.
I intend first to build for bare Debian (or possibly grip) but not presently
Crush as it i not ready (not at all for mipsel!)
I have seen that the full binary pack for cross mipsel toolchain is missing in
Debian squeeze/sid (libc6 missing). So I suppose to have to build my toolchain.

What I'm looking for is not a simple toolchain, but a build environment. A lot
of pages of embedian site seems outdated, and I have not seen some easy
documentation on how to get a working environment (for mipsel). Slind seems
dead, iplinux.org that take over slind is attractive, but I would be obliged to
move the whole distribution to iplinux packages, and could no longer use all my
squueze dist, and the only repository for iplinux is tailored for openinkspot
and is very specific for book readers.

As far as I understand the way to go would be with pdebuild-cross and pbuilder
but I have not found an howto explaining the roadmap. And I'm somewhat lost with
all the emdebian page referring to emdebian-tools. I don't even understand what
tools are only targeted to Crush and if they allow me to build simple, non
embedianized packages.

So I ask some advice, what is the proper cross-build environment for mipsel, and
where can I find some HowTo? I suppose the same beginner question come again and
again, sorry but where is the FAQ entry!


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