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Re: Is emsandbox useful anymore?

I saw this thread and wanted to let you know how I use emsandbox and
I created a working rootfs for arm crush. However, I needed an option to
have a root file system (a JFFS2 image) with our software as well which
can be installed directly on the target without any modifications.
(The image is downloaded and installed via uboot)

I copied the working and configured emdebian root filesystem to the
development PC (I call it the "golden root filesystem").

For our software we use a "package list", one called Speedo_0.0.1 or
datr_0.0.1. (We try to move to emdebian on our products Speedo and Datr)

This list (here for speedo) contains packages like:


The interesting part here is that speedoeminit has the /etc/fstab,
etc/inittab stuff.

Now a script prepares a filesystem for qemu-system-arm and qemu installs
the packages from the package list. The qemu filesystem is then
converted to a JFFS2 image.

The whole procedure is not nice...
What would be good is to have an option for a package list containing
all the desired packages in the emdebian tools (I think emsandbox has no
option to say which packages are necessary and which are not). This
script should create a tar image which contains a working root

sysvinit owns /etc/inittab and speedoeminit modifies this file (with a
post install script). When a new version of inittab is installed dpkg
normally asks if the modified version should be kept?

In my eyes a new feature in emsandbox would be nice: A package list

If someone has a more elegant way for me to achieve the task above
please let me know.



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