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Re: Is emsandbox useful anymore?

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 17:01:13 +0100
Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com> wrote:

> >> 2. Migrate some files into emdebian-tools - the state of the toolchains
> >> makes it hard to see how to fix the empdebuild script that uses the
> >> other half of emdebian-rootfs (which supported empdebuild). AFAICT it
> >> isn't possible for empdebuild --create to complete without manual
> >> intervention.
> Maybe you could use emulation to finish or is it a different issue?

The issue is that updating empdebuild involves updating the toolchains
and creating a new empdebuild involves installing a new toolchain for
the suite selected. Currently, that breaks as it has to be fully
automated. It also relies on emsetup to work, but it doesn't.

> Anyway I might be missing some bits, but I wanted to suggest about
> empbuilder, it makes no sense to me, but an option on Debian's
> pbuilder & sbuilder & friends (-a $arch) makes more sense if not
> already there.

If I could have done that I wouldn't have needed to write empdebuild.

empdebuild does several things on top of normal pbuilder code:

1. installs cross-building toolchains for the requested arch
2. installs emdebian-tools inside the chroot
(these first two steps can now be done by multistrap)
3. runs emdebuild inside the chroot instead of debuild, including
emdebuild --build-deps which relies on apt-cross and xcontrol files.
> >> 3. Start to strip out scripts like 'emsetup' and 'emchain' which are
> >> also fairly broken. These scripts won't survive the removal of
> >> apt-cross and, again, AFAICT don't actually complete at the moment
> >> anyway.
> >
> > The function 'check my cross-toolchain is installed and works' is a
> > useful one. 

That function needs a rewrite - it relies on apt-cross cache data which
is usually flawed. The purpose is good, the code needs work.

> > emsetup could perhaps be kept for this purpose? I've had
> > to explain to someone only this week how to check that. Having
> > 'build-cross-essential' is probably helpful here too.

That would be the purpose of the rewritten emsetup, yes. Maybe even a
quick test that the toolchain actually works.
> I am happy with the removal of emsetup and emchain, also removing
> emdebian-tools functionality of adding emdebian unstable sources.list
> will make me happier as it has caused some trouble on lenny.
> I think I can maintain within toolchains a 'check my cross-toolchain
> is installed and works' function, via build-cross-essential or
> gcc-cross-defaults.

It doesn't matter where the functionality exists as long as it exists
and works reliably. If the function is implemented elsewhere, there
would be very little need for emsetup itself.


Neil Williams

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